A Proposal Modification of the 3OT Chain Code

H. Sánchez-Cruz, M. López-Cruces, and H. Puga (Mexico)


Chain code, contour, shape, Huffman algorithm.


A new set of symbols, M_3OT, based on orthogonal changes given by the 3OT chain code is presented. A sample of contour shapes to test the new code is used, and the most important chain codes and their compression levels are compared with our proposed new code. The compression used to compare the different chain codes is the Huffman algorithm applied to the resulted chain codes. The efficiency and compression level of this new chain code is compared against the most popular codes: F8, F4, VCC, C_VCC and DF8. We discuss the capabilities of the different codes. The results of several samples show that the new chain code, that we call M_3OT is the most efficient than the predecessors.

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