Solving the Frequency Assignment Problem using Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Simulated Annealing and Differential Evolution

E. Bernardino, A. Bernardino (Portugal), J.M. Sánchez Pérez, J.A. Gómez Pulido, and M.A. Vega Rodríguez (Spain)


Mobile and Wireless Computing, Frequency Assignment Problem, Evolutionary Algorithms, Optimization


In recent years we have witnessed a tremendous growth of mobile communication networks resulted in a run out of the most important resource, frequencies in the radio spectrum. In this paper we consider the Frequency Assignment Problem, where the objective is to minimize the cost due to interference arising in a solution. Our procedure includes some original features, including the application of a Differential Evolution, new methods of crossover and mutation when Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Simulated Annealing are used. For testing we use standard benchmark instances from the literature that allow models and algorithms to be compared more easily, and allow comparisons between the work of different authors.

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