Software Localization: The Challenging Aspects of Arabic to the Localization Process (Arabization)

S. Abufardeh and K. Magel (USA)


Arabization, Machine Translation (MT), Bidirectional languages, Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), Diacritics (Tashkil).


Although there are several open-source Arabization projects, as well as individual and collective initiatives by many volunteers for the Arabization of software interfaces, operating systems, and web sites, etc. the quality of Arabization is still very poor and does not meet the minimum quality standards we found in other localized software. In the case of major software companies like Microsoft and IBM, and many other localization companies, we still find the quality level is barely adequate. There are many reasons for being in such a state, and this paper is intended to highlight some of the main issues concerning the Arabic Language and the Arabization process.

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