Novices' Expectations in Gaining Theoretical Knowledge and Practical Skills in Software Development or Maintenance

Shahida Sulaiman, N.A. Rashid, Z. Zainol, and Sarina Sulaiman (Malaysia)


Software development, computer-aided software engineering (CASE) and novices


Novice software engineers particularly computer science students need to be trained with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills in software development or maintenance. The knowledge and skills should encompass the activities involve in all phases of software development life cycle. Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools can be introduced to novices as a supporting element to understand software engineering aspects and principles, which are supposed to enhance the activities. Thus, this paper will discuss novices’ problems and expectations mainly computer science students during the process of gaining the theoretical knowledge and practicing the skills while developing software for their projects. It was hypothesized that an appropriate CASE tool could be useful to support such novices. The analysis of the study was based on the elements of characteristics, behavior, belief and attitude. The findings highlight what, why, when and how CASE tools should support novice software engineers. From the survey, it shows that a suitable CASE tool can support effectively the novices or students in learning software related courses, and overall understanding of software engineering principles.

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