A Process for Goal Oriented Requirement Engineering

S. Anwer and N. Ikram (Pakistan)


Goal-oriented requirement engineering, requirement elicitation, goal-oriented analysis, traceability, requirement specification.


There is an increasing emphasis and use of "goals" within requirements engineering. Work done in Goal-Oriented Requirement Engineering (GORE) have also been applied effectively in Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), specifically dealing with NFRs, organizational modeling, project risk management, and organizational strategic and business alignment with IT. Currently there is no properly defined GORE process covering all activities of RE, roles, and artifacts. There is a need to define a GORE process, based on essential concepts involved in GORE, which can serve as a guideline for the practitioner. In this paper we, using our work on GORE ontology, propose a unified GORE process. The process clearly defines roles, activities, and artifacts and their relationships. We using an example explain the unified GORE process.

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