Generating Tool-based Process-Environments from Formal Process Models Descriptions - Concepts, Experiences and Samples

M. Kuhrmann, G. Kalus, and N. Diernhofer (Germany)


Software Methodologies, Project Management, Tools, Cooperative Work Support


Developing software and managing projects according to a defined process model is widely accepted to minimize dangers of project-failures. Our experience shows that many processes are hardly accepted and often ignored. Managers and developers have different views on a project, with negative impacts on project-performance due to communication lacks that lead to misunderstand ings and quality issues. Introducing processes using ac cepted working- and tool-environments may increase the acceptance of a process by providing a common platform for project operation supporting all the roles that partici pate in a project. This paper presents a concept for gene rating such tool-environments directly from a process description. We focus on process elements that can be used to provide additional project management assistance e.g. cockpit-like controlling mechanisms. We discuss our concept using samples from a case study that used the formal structured German V-ModellĀ® XT as a source and Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Services and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server as target environments.

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