Balancing Supporting Software Development by Dedicated Infrastructure Elements

D. Kumlander (Estonia)


Supporting software engineering, infrastructure


In this paper an idea of a central infrastructure supporting continues iterative software development is proposed. This infrastructure is designed to balance the software development process by providing a data storage for information moving between development process steps, postponed issues, discussions, specifications and collaborative documentation. The balancing originates from an opportunity arising in the iterative development with feedbacks either to stay on certain steps fixing issues concurrently or to move forward in the standard iteration cycle hoping to return to those issues later. The infrastructure will allow keeping enough information for both cases enabling to solve urgent problems right now and postpone others for later (long-run) reviews. Central feedbacks storage lets to access feedbacks to all project steps’ members keeping themselves aware of potential risks and allowing to be included into discussions on them, i.e. efficiently manage within the whole project. All this makes it to be a powerful collaborative tool with a superb tracking functionality. Finally it can also serve as knowledge capture storage allowing to create join knowledge by collecting entries from many people in one place and use it later to learn the system.

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