Establishing a Knowledge Base for Problem Management, Part II

M. Jäntti and N. Pylkkänen (Finland)


Problem management, knowledge base, knowledge management


A knowledge base (KB) can be used for collecting, organiz ing, and searching the knowledge, such as data on software problems. Users of IT services can search problem solu tions from the knowledge base which decreases the work load of the service desk. Although KB applications are very useful for customer support, the introduction of KB has been given very little consideration in software engineering research. In our previous paper, the first six phases (iden tification of stakeholders, process assessment, goal setting, process engineering, knowledge structuring and prototyp ing) of building a KB were described. This paper presents the final three phases (incremental enhancement and con tinuous evaluation, deployment and planning the next in crement). The research question is: how to establish a knowledge base for a problem management process.

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