VRRM: A Value-based Requirements Risk Management Process

J. Samad, N. Ikram, and M. Usman (Pakistan)


Value-based risk management, Requirements’ risk management, Value-Based.


The technological, cost, people and schedule issues faced by software development, make it vulnerable for several types of risks. Among these the requirements’ risks are proven to have the highest contribution. An effective risk management is critical while developing software systems. Moreover, a project can never be successful if stakeholders don’t get their “valued” things. Every requirement contributes towards some value for a stakeholder. Therefore it is important to manage requirement risks effectively. Also, as different stakeholders have different perception of risk, it is necessary to have a process that can manage requirements’ risks and fulfills the values of stakeholders as well. This paper contributes by presenting a VRRM process that is designed to manage requirements related risks in a value based manner.

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