UCOT: Semiautomatic Generation of Conceptual Models from Use Case Descriptions

T. Kärkkäinen, M. Nurminen, P. Suominen, T. Pieniluoma, and I. Liukko (Finland)


Use case, conceptual model, Abbott’s heuristic, nat ural language processing, domain engineering.


This paper describes a prototype of a system to auto matically analyze use cases and create a conceptual model based on the analysis. Grammatical parser and Abbott’s heuristic are used to process the use cases. User can modify the conceptual model by refining entities and relations, as well as roles for the entities. The model can be exported to be further utilized with object oriented analysis or domain specific modeling. The system is evaluated based on the analysis of use cases used to describe the system itself. The quality of models depends essentially on the quality and writing conventions of the use cases. If the use cases are written using subject-predicate-object struc ture and usage of synonyms is minimized, then the system can produce appropriate conceptual model of the use cases, facilitating requirements analysis and domain engineering.

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