An Ontology-based Service Discovery System for Workflow Composition

V. Misra and S.K. Aggarwal (India)


Semantic Web, Grid Scheduling, Ontology, Workflow Editor, Nliddleware


Grid applications are stand alone applications but a col- lection of services (workflows) with control and data flow defined between them. Service discovery is therefore, one of the most fundamental component of any grid work-ow management system. Service discovery in a large and distributed systems, like grid, is difficult be- cause it requires selecting a suitable application from a large number of services that fulfills users requirements. The advent of semantic web technologies has led to a new form of Grid, called Semantic Grid, where ser- vices are given well defined meaning. We use service description to provide a semantic based approach as a solution to the service discovery problem. It uses doc- uments containing information about the services, al- gorithms, methods and tasks in a domain to enhance building of workflows. This allows work-ow composi- tion process to proceed even in the absence of complete information about the services deployed on the grid. We have worked in the domain of bio-informatics by build- ing an ontology and composing application workflows.

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