Separating Data Access Crosscutting Concern using AspectJ: A Quantitative Assessment

A.L. de Oliveira, A.L. Andrade Menolli, and R.G. Coelho (Brazil)


Data access concern, aspect oriented implementation, metrics.


Due to the constant access and storage information need, there is a constant concern for implement theses functionalities in larger part of the current developments applications. The most theses applications use the Data Access Object pattern to implement those functionalities, once this pattern makes possible the separation of the data access code of the application code. However your implementation causes the exhibition of the data access object to the others application objects, causing situations witch a business object access the data access object. With the target of solving this problem, the present work propose an aspect oriented implementation of the data access crosscutting concern, present in this pattern, followed by a quantitative evaluation of both object oriented (OO) and aspect oriented (AO) implementations of this pattern. This study used strong software engineering attributes, such as separation of concerns, coupling and cohesion, as evaluation criteria. As results, it was verified that the AO implementation optimized the separation of concerns related to the pattern. The results obtained proved that the AO implementation of the Data Access Object pattern provide a better separation of concerns with relation to the OO solution.

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