Towards an Architectural-Centric Approach for Method Engineering

S. Moaven, J. Habibi, H. Ahmadi, and A. Kamandi (Iran)


Method engineering, situational method engineering, method user, software architecture, architecture style, and software product line


Due to the extreme use of method engineering and increasing attention to construct methods customized for a specific project, domain, organization or a generic method compatible with the team characteristics and needs, existence of suitable and formalized frameworks and guidelines is one of the challenges method engineers are encountered. In this area, considering method construction as the goal of method engineering brings to the mind the software development process in which the product is a method adapting the method users' needs. This paper, with a new approach of applying software architecture in method engineering and making use of architecture styles, tries to take advantage of software architecture benefits like documentation, reusability, reconstruction and enhancement of development process. Consequently, project teams can handle complexity of large-scale projects. Also by utilizing the existing architecture styles, the collaboration among project members will be enhanced and addressed in a specific framework in order to construct more flexible methods with better quality.

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