One Implementation of the System for Application Version Tracking and Automatic Updating

O. Dušan and V. Milan (Serbia)


Software Maintenance, Software Configuration Management


This paper presents the implementation of a system aimed at keeping track of application versions (mostly Java applications). The system is used to track where each version of an application is installed. Each application version has its own version tag and appropriate files (executables, libraries, resources, etc.). In this paper the installation of an application version at a certain place is called the edition. This is a three-tier system. Application data, versions and editions are stored in the database. For the middle-tier, EJB 3.0 (Enterprise Java Beans) architecture is used. Entity EJBs have been used for O/R (Object/Relational Mapping) mapping. Session EJBs have been used for easier entity access. The EJB Container is JBoss. The client application is a Java Swing application which uses JMX (Java Management eXtensions) MLet service for starting. By using this application, users can add new applications, versions and editions. Each edition can be annotated with comments. Users can also upload/download files required for the application version. This system also supports automatic updates of such applications regardless of whether they are Java desktop applications or distributed JEE applications deployed at the application server. This is something no other application updating system supports.

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