Balancing of a Two-Wheeled Robotic Machine with Payload using PD/FL Controllers

K.M.K. Goher and M.O. Tokhi (UK)


Wheeled robot, inverted pendulum, upright balance, fuzzy logic, PD control.


This paper focuses on the design and implementation of a control algorithm for Stabilisation of a two-wheeled robotic machine (TWRM). The machine comprises a rod on an axle incorporating two wheels. The stabilisation of the rod in the upright position is achieved by two different control algorithms namely: proportional-derivative (PD) and fuzzy logic (FL) controllers. Newton-Euler dynamic formulation is used to develop the mathematical model of the system. Simulation of the system model is carried out using the Matlab Simulink toolbox. The intermediate body is considered to be in the upright position. The system is kept balanced in this position in the presence of disturbances forces applied to the system. Two PD controllers are developed to achieve this, with one of the controllers for the angular position of the rod keeping the rod in the upright position due to changes caused by a disturbance force and the second controller for keeping the cart wheels within a specified linear position relative to specified reference position. The parameters of the two PD controllers are tuned manually to achieve the desired target in the balancing mode. Two FL controllers are also developed to achieve the same target. Simulation results are presented assessing the performances of the controllers.

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