Evaluation of Voltage Stability Index in Electric Power Distribution Systems with Three-Phase Rectifier Loading

T. Ratniyomchai and T. Kulworawanichpong (Thailand)


Fast voltage stability index, Threephase rectifier, electric power distribution system, power transfer


This paper presents an approach to calculate voltage stability index in electric power distribution systems with three-phase rectifier loading. Fast voltage stability index (FVSI) is used as an indicator to evaluate capability of reactive power loading at a given bus position. Three phase rectifier loading is typical in medium voltage industrial plants. Analysis of power transfer through an AC/DC controlled rectifier system is described. From this analysis, FVSI can be computed. To evaluate the FVSI in electric power distribution systems, a 10-bus three-phase test system is employed. As a result, comparing with the index obtained from AC loading case, the voltage stability margin can be enhanced by loading more DC-side powers.

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