Construction of a Knowledge System which includes Association and Sensibility Information

S. Ikemasu, T. Kanamori, Y. Kato, and J. Takeno (Japan)


Association and kansei network, association words, kansei words, the internet, hierarchical processing of concepts, artificial consciousness and affection.


For a computer or maybe robot to be able to communicate with a human, the flow of consciousness and the affection of the computer itself are very important. Therefore, it is essential to provide the system with “memory of knowledge”, since it is the basis of consciousness and affection. This paper defines the “association and kansei network”, a model of “memory of knowledge”. (“Kansei” means sensibility & feelings.) This paper also describes our method for constructing an association and kansei database, which is a database of the “association and kansei network”. We also report on the results of our evaluation experiments conducted to verify the usefulness of the constructed database.

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