Development of Operator Support System with Potential Field

K. Yano and K. Terashima (Japan)


Obstacle avoidance, Operator support system, Potential field, Haptics, Vibration control, Rotary crane.


The rotary crane is widely used for the transfer and dis charge loads in harbors, building sites, and factories. These tasks involve many problems such as load sway, position ing, and obstacle and collision avoidance. Therefore, the development of a control system to support operator is strongly demanded. The purpose of this paper is to de velop an operator support system in consideration of obsta cle avoidance and sway suppression. The information of danger is transmitted to an operator by haptic control. In order to suppress load sway, the Hybrid Shape Approach is applied and a potential field was derived by an equation of diffusion at cylindrical polar coordinates to construct the algorithm of crane velocity restriction for haptic feedback. The effectiveness of the proposed system is shown by sim ulations and experiments.

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