Location Areas Planning Optimization in Mobile Networks

L. Foughali (Algeria), E.-G. Talbi (France), and M. Batouche (Algeria)


location areas planning, paging, location update, planar graph partitioning, metaheursitics.


The main interest of this work is the optimization of the location areas planning in mobile networks. We propose a detailed model for this problem based on a very realistic specification. It is recognized that the quality of service in mobile networks depends on many parameters, among them an op timal location areas planning. Furthermore, for the already deployed networks, it is interesting to provide a logical net works organization. The location areas planning problem is planar graph partitioning with constraints. That’s why, we propose greedy algorithms and genetic algorithms to solve it. The latter algorithms use new operators designed specifically for the planar graph partitioning problems. Finally, we in vestigate the effectiveness of these algorithms.

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