Network Service Description and Discovery for the Next Generation Internet

Q. Duan and E. Lu (USA)


Service-oriented architecture, internet, service description, service discovery, quality of service.


The Internet has fallen victim to its own stunning success and the current Internet architecture faces many challenges. Recently the research community started exploring “clean slate” approaches to develop new network architectures for the Internet. Due to the highly diversified requirements for the next generation Internet, it is very likely that multiple network architectures will co-exist in near future. Such a diversified Internet architecture requires an overall frame work that would increase composability and interoperabil ity. One of the challenges lies in enabling collaboration crossing heterogeneous network domains without expos ing implementation details of each domain. The service oriented architecture has been successfully applied in Web services and Grid computing to address the problem of inter-domain resource collaboration. In this paper, we ap ply the service-oriented idea to support the diversified ar chitecture for the next generation Internet. We propose a service-oriented networking (SON) structure and specifi cally investigates network service description and discov ery, two key components for SON. The main contribu tions of this paper include a new approach for describing network service capabilities and a technique for discover ing appropriate network services that meet performance re quirements. The developed technologies enable effective collaboration among heterogeneous network domains with various implementations; thus supporting Internet diver sity.

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