A Cross-Layer Framework Design for the Embedded Middleware in Mobility Applications (EMMA) Project

M.N. Jambli, A. Tully, K. Selvarajah (UK), and A. Lachenmann (Germany)


Wireless Sensor Networks, Cross-Layer Design, Optimization Agent, and Embedded Middleware.


The severe energy constraints of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) require energy-efficient communication protocols in order to fulfill the objectives of the application. Cross-layer design is a technique which can potentially be used to improve the overall performance of WSNs by way of jointly optimizing and exploiting the interactions between various layers of the network protocol stack. In this paper, we propose a cross-layer framework design for the Embedded Middleware in Mobility Applications (EMMA) project. This optimization agent based framework design provides efficient data exchange between the various protocols layers via a state repository to improve the performance of WSN applications in terms of memory consumption and processing overhead.

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