Directional Node-Disjoint Multipath Routing in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

A. Saha, S. Ur Rehman, G.-L. Park, and J. Lee (Korea)


Wireless ad hoc network, routing protocols, unipath and multipath routing.


This paper proposes and evaluates the performance of the on-demand directional multipath routing protocol with node-disjoint paths, referred to as DNDMR, for wireless ad hoc networks. On-demand routing protocols depend on query floods to discover routes between source and destination whenever a route is needed. We show that DNDMR reduces the routing overhead significantly and achieves multiple node-disjoint routing paths efficiently. DNDMR improves the reliability of data communication (i.e., fault tolerance) over the wireless ad hoc network. We evaluate the performance of the proposed scheme with ns-2 simulations. The experimental results reveal that DNDMR has better performance and more reliable than the contemporary unipath on-demand routing protocols.

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