An Efficient Partitioning and Scheduling Algorithm for Streaming Applications on FPGA with Resource Constraint

R. Guha and N. Bagherzadeh (USA)


Streaming Applications, HW/SW Co-Design, Partitioning and Scheduling Algorithm


Hardware and software partitioning and reconfiguration cost minimization are two major design challenges for the performance improvement of data-intensive streaming applications by hardware and software co-design approach. In this paper a novel partitioning and scheduling algorithm is proposed for a hybrid system of a microprocessor and a reconfigurable hardware with resource constraint to optimize between hardware resource usage and execution time of an application. We balance the exploitation of spatial parallelism and temporal parallelism in streaming applications by considering the reconfiguration cost vs. the data transfer cost. As the reconfiguration cost is configuration bits size plus the configuration time we try to keep it minimum by exploiting the temporal parallelism maximally.

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