NeighbourCast: A Synchronisation Algorithm for Ad Hoc Networks

I. Vaishnavi, D. Bulterman, P. Cesar, and B. Gao (The Netherlands)


Synchronisation, Ad hoc networks, IEEE 802.11


This paper presents a synchronisation algorithm for wire less ad hoc networks called NeighbourCast. The major re quirements we impose on the algorithm are a short conver gence time, low battery consumption which is achieved by low collision and low channel contention, minimum net work overhead, and a distributed approach. We achieve these by restricting the synchronisation related communi cation of nodes to only their immediate neighbours. Fi nally, in order to validate the algorithm a set of simulation results are reported. The results match the maximum clock offset achieved by previous research. We show that this algorithm achieves lower battery consumption by show ing that the order of packets sent and received per node is smaller for NeighbourCast than earlier research. We also demonstrate low channel contention and collision probabil ities for the proposed algorithm.

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