Design and Implementation of Stream Processing System and Library for CELL Broadband Engine Processors

M. Morita, T. Machino, M. Guo, and G. Wang (Japan)


Parallel Programming, Pipelined Parallelization, Stream Processing, CELL Broadband Engine


To bring out high performance in applications running on a CELL Broadband Engine processor (CELL processor), developers have to know its architecture and have special skills of the programming. As we know, the CELL proces sor is suitable for stream processing, but the CELL proces sor itself is not specialized for stream processing and the SDK of the CELL processor does not support stream pro cessing. In this paper, we focus on stream processing on the CELL processor, and we design and implement a sys tem to support stream processing for the CELL processor. We evaluate the performance of stream processing on the CELL processor with our approach. The result shows the effectiveness of stream processing for the CELL processor.

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