Performance Estimation and Improvement of Servers using the Batch Service through a Multi-Channel Architecture

Y.-W. Bai, Y.-S. Cheng, C.-H. Tsai, and Y.-S. Lee (Taiwan)


Batch service, client-server, multi-server, cluster, queueing model, and system performance


With respect to the popularization of the Internet, as the client-server mode in general is used now, thus the server system needs to utilize some methods to maintain its performance. Recently it has become possible to apply the batch service mechanism to the server system to effectively reduce the emergence of high system utilization. But using the batch service mechanism for processing requests on a server system causes a relatively higher system response time when the setting of the batch size is increased. Hence in this paper we propose a multi server architecture method utilizing the batch service as an improvement over the performance of the single-server architecture using the batch service. We adopt the queueing model method to analyze the system performance of the single-server and the multi-server when using the batch service. According to the adjustment of the batch size we estimate the beneficial number of service channels and achieve a reduction of the high response time and the high system utilization.

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