Identifying Job Migration Characteristics in Decentralized Grid Scheduling Scenarios

C. Grimme, J. Lepping, and A. Papaspyrou (Germany)


Grid Computing, Cluster Computing, Resource Allocation, Decentralized Grid Scheduling


This paper explores the characteristics of job migration be tween different parallel compute sites in a decentralized Grid scenario sharing a central job pool. Independent users are assumed to submit their jobs to their local site MPP installation, which in turn is allowed to decline the local execution of jobs by offering them to a central job pool. The simulation results are obtained using real workload traces and compared to the EASY backfilling single site algorithm. It is shown that even simple job pooling is ben eficial for all high utilized sites as it is possible to achieve shorter response times for jobs compared to the best single site scheduling results. Further, new insights are provided about the amount, characteristics, and distribution of the migrated jobs.

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