Thread Migration Techniques on Java Virtual Machine

K.-W. Low, H.-S. Lam, P.-A. Somnuk, and C. Eswaran (Malaysia)


Multithreading, Java Virtual Machine(JVM), Cluster Computing, Java, Workload distribution


Java applications are multithreaded by nature. It is popularly used for developing various applications running heavy workload. Today, these applications have grown too heavy and complex to be handled by a single computer. On the rise of the clustering concept in computing, many machines are connected and inter-supporting each other. However, the conventional JVM [1] is not able to support distribution of workload within the clustered terminals. This paper describes our findings on the techniques of migrating the Java threads. The migration techniques provide a platform for workload distribution within a cluster. Our implementation was done on top of Jikes RVM and supports transparent migration of the mutually independent Java threads from one node to another. We have tested our implementation by using the AES encryption application and the threads can be migrated successfully.

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