Enhance User's Interaction and Communication in Network-based Project Learning through Mobile Technologies

M.F. Ibrahim, N.A.S. Abdullah, S.S. Yieng, A.A. Aziz, N.H. Jaafar, and K. Kamardin (Malaysia)


Mobile Learning, Network-based Project Learning, Collaborative Learning, Mobile Information Access.


The demanding usage of wireless technologies has brought opportunities for the online learning communities to participate in Network Based Project Learning (NBPL). However, if the projects in NBPL are not initiated by the industries, the graduate students are unable to gain the required skills in solving the real world problems. Lack of commitment from the non-office-based mobile workers due to the accessibility, availability and mobility constraints make the functionality of NBPL ineffective. In this paper, we introduce mobile NBPL which is integrated with Mobile Announcement System (MASY) in order to provide a great amount of freedom in accessing NBPL via mobile devices. This system is designed to facilitate student-lecturer-mobile worker interaction, provide broadcast information and ease collaborative work through the use of mobile devices. Besides, we also discuss the design, development and implementation of mobile NBPL, the architecture and the technology used as well as how the experiments are being conducted. The functionality testing has been carried out in the Faculty of Information Technology and Quantitative Sciences, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). A preliminary experiment result and experience that we have learned from this system will also be discussed.

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