Proposal of New Collaborative Learning Method in the e-Learning: Realizing a "Weak Collaborative Learning"

H. Songhao, K. Saito, H. Saito, and T. Maeda (Japan)


eLearning, Individual Learning, Collaborative Learning, Weak Collaborative Learning, CMS


In this research, in order to achieve the idea of “anytime, anywhere, anyone[12] ” in e-Learning environment, we need to shift the knowledge transmission type from teacher’s initiation to the knowledge construction type using communication initiated by learners themselves, and we investigate into making good use of some advantages of the usual collaborative learning, and we propose the learning method of a new “weak collaborative learning” in the e-Learning. Moreover, we examine the implementation method of the concrete system, which is comparatively easy to be implemented by the use of open source CMS, and we convince that it is very important for the developing of the e-Learning.

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