Reading and Writing Facilitating ICT use in School Science

J. Lavonen, K. Juuti, and V. Meisalo (Finland)


Reading and writing as processes, ICT use, science education, design-based research


Activities for science teaching and learning focusing on reading and writing as processes and the use of modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in learning have been designed using the design-based research approach. Based on our theoretical problem analysis reading and writing activities should support collaborative, constructive, reflective and contextual learning. The data in our empirical problem analysis included answers of 14 science teachers about their experience of developed 21 activities in real classroom situations. Our qualitative content analysis indicated that the developed activities facilitated learning and discouraged the use of copy-paste techniques. They especially made learning constructive and collaborative. These activities serve as examples of how science teachers can guide their students to read and write and use ICT in a manner that leads efficiently to learning.

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