The Design of Web-based Cooperative Learning System for Operating 3D Virtual Instruments

F.-C. Kao, D.-W. Lin, C.-Y. Huang, and K.-Y. Chiang (Changhua)


Cooperative learning system, broker, virtual reality, and virtual instruments


Recently, the academic community has been giving much attention to Cooperative Learning System, a group learning method combined with pedagogy and social psychology. It allows group members to gain knowledge through collaborations and interactions. Nowadays, most Internet cooperative learning systems are designed to provide students mainly with a convenient online environment to study theoretical courses but rarely with a 3D virtual reality to operate practical instruments. Hence, this paper designed a 3D online cooperative learning system for operating virtual instruments. By integrating with Virtual Reality, Remote Control Parameter Transmission and PC Broker techniques, this system gives learners not only a cooperative learning environment via networking to jointly operate the 3D virtual instruments (for example, multi-meters, power supplies and oscilloscopes) but also the functions of instant messages and 3D puzzles to interact with one another. Therefore, learners can effectively improve learning interests and results.

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