A Method of Evaluating Programs for Novice Programmers' Learning Support System

M. Arai (Japan)


Program evaluation, learning support system, novice programmer, C++


In this paper we describe a method of evaluating programs based on a system that supports novice programmers to be capable of tracing programs. We consider that novice programmers learn programming through the following processes: first, comprehension of input and output statements, variables, constants, and so forth; second, comprehension of the three important elements of algorithms—that is, sequential execution, selection, and iteration—and becoming capable of tracing the programs using these algorithms; third, becoming capable of writing programs using the three elements of algorithms; fourth, becoming capable of writing programs using the various kinds of algorithms and data structures. We previously developed the system for the second step. In this paper we propose a method of evaluating programs in order to support the third learning step based on the system.

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