Computer Aided Learning and Training on the Platform of Medical Information System

J. Hanus, J. Zahora, V. Masin, T. Nosek, P. Svoboda, and A. Bezrouk (Czech Republic)


Computer aided learning, Virtual Teaching Hospital


This paper describes new conception of the computer based medical education in Faculty of Medicine based on the platform of medical information system (MIS). Generally, the study of medicine (the general medicine or dentistry) requires the enormous effort because the students are expected to acquire not only the huge amount of theoretical knowledge from all branches of medicine but also some very important practical skills. Teachers realize this situation and try to offer wide ranges of modern methods of study support (e-learning, electronic textbooks, real or computer-based models and simulations, case studies, computer-aided measurements, computer assisted learning and so on). The MIS or HIS (Hospital information systems) are nowadays standard platforms for effective functioning of medical practice or hospital. Our conception is based on the on-line use of the network version of the MIS in the practical classes of preclinical subjects during the whole study (5 years). All results of laboratory measurements, practical exercises, and medical examinations trainings are understood as records in the student’s (generally patient’s) cards in the MIS and so the physician’s real care for patients is simulated and practiced in the complex way. We could say that students simulate real function of the virtual medical practice or hospital. All measurements are supported by modern computer controlled equipments communicating on-line with the MIS. Brief description of practical laboratory exercises in Medical Biophysics is included for illustration.

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