Digital Portfolios for English Lesson Assessment in a Japanese Junior High School

R. Iwami (Japan), C.P. Ho (USA), and S. Narita (Japan)


Multimedia and hypermedia applications, research on technology-based teaching and learning, best practices and case studies, curriculum design and development, quality control and assessment.


The purpose of this study was to apply the educational benefit of digital portfolios to English language learning and examine its effects and challenges as an assessment tool. An English lesson employed the use of digital portfolios using a multi-purpose application software that is readily available at public junior high schools. A lesson with traditional paper-based portfolios (portfolios hereafter) was also conducted and its effects and challenges were considered before the lesson integrating the digital portfolio was designed. Although the study did not yield many statistically significant differences between the outcomes of portfolio and digital portfolio lessons, the observation of students’ attitudes and analysis of their answers of questionnaires showed that the activities involving digital portfolios were positively received and effective, especially with regards to their reflections. Furthermore, exhibiting the learning records on the web, appropriate integration of the on-line software into the lesson and evaluation methods of students’ speaking abilities were identified as future challenges.

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