A Distributed Virtual Lab for Practical Activities in Electronics

J.-P. Gerval and Y. Le Ru (France)


Distributed Virtual Environments, Virtual Reality Modeling Language, Java, Electronic Simulation, Web based Training.


This paper sets out a distributed virtual reality application intended to practical activities in electronics: circuit design and simulation. The distributed virtual environment offers virtual components and devices (resistors, capacitors, transistors, generators and oscilloscopes) described in a standard Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) format. Users are enabled to choose components and build a circuit. The simulation of the circuit is done using the SPICE programme that is a general-purpose circuit simulation programme for non linear dc, non-linear transient, and linear ac analyses. The implementation is based on VRML and Java as languages and Cortona VRML plug-in from ParallelGraphics. The distribution of virtual worlds is obtained using DeepMatrix as environment server.

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