Automated Data Acquisition and FEM Virtual Experiments in Teaching Medical Biophysics

J. Zahora, J. Hanus, V. Masin, and A. Bezrouk (Czech Republic)


Modelling, simulation, virtual experiment, finite element method


In this work possibilities of improvement of teaching medical biophysics are analyzed. The analysis of pedagogical specificity of teaching this subject at medical faculty is done. One of the problems is insufficient mathematical and physical background of students. The aim is to prepare the more illustrative and realistic teaching. It is also recommended to work with real data as often as it is possible. One way to improve the teaching process is using software for finite elements method. It is used for preparation of materials for virtual experiments in the field of the blood circulation. A set of virtual experiments was prepared. The experiments are based on analysis of images with graphical presentation of some typical situation in circulatory system. The systems for automated measurement and data acquisition were introduced into practical part of the course. Some of them are based on the commercial clinical devices (automated perimetry, automated audiometry, spirometry, ECG recording) some systems were developed at our department (measurement of the minimal angle resolution of the eye, automated measurement of the mechanical properties of the wire spiral stent).

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