Instruction Production Model based on the Multimedia Learning Theory

C.-Y. Lai and W.-C. Liou (Taipei)


Dual Code Theory, multimedia learning theory, folksonomy, and instruction design


Researches on multimedia learning from multiple representations focused primarily on integrations of texts and pictures according to Paivio’s dual coding theory. Mayer and Moreno defined multimedia instruction as presenting words and pictures intended to foster learning. Procedures to make proprietary contents exportable to open standard followed and got published. However, the link between multimedia instruction design and learning contents transformation was still very weak and had to overcome this research gap. We took multimedia learning theory and cognitive overload into consideration, and proposed an instruction production model based on multimedia learning theory to decrease building cost and to improve quantity and quality of outputs. The research included full-text databases for Chinese ancient documents in Academia Sinica as well as “Flickr” as a research object to build multimedia instructions composed of textural and graphical contents. The results indicated the availability of our model. Some derived issues were discussed as well.

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