Didactical Assistance in e-Learning Process-Oriented Production Environments

H. Fredrich, H.M. Niegemann, V. Zimmermann, and L. Lehmann (Germany)


instructional design, artificial intelligence, pedagogical design patterns, multimedia learning, process-driven authoring


Authors and developers of e-learning content are often not familiar with instructional design theories and their models. A didactical assistant (ID assistant) has been developed in order to improve the pedagogical quality of e-learning content, especially for the content production of SMEs in Europe. Theoretically, the ID assistant is based on a decision-based model of instructional design and attempts to implement the relevant characteristics of well-known ID models. A repository of instructional design principles, represented through pedagogical design patterns, is at the core of the system. In order to assist content developers in making ID decisions it was necessary to find criteria variables capable of differentiating between the diverse design patterns. Using as an example the EXPLAIN project, this article demonstrates the integration of a didactical assistant into a process-driven authoring solution system.

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