Integration of Theories in an Online Course Development

D. Zhang, L. Zhou, and C. Wolfe (USA)


Web-based Education, Curriculum Design and Development, Online Course, Learning Theory


This paper presents the authors’ experience of integrating design theory and learning theory in an online computer course development. The development consists of three phases: (a) the course feasibility study – a trial study in which students are provided with a mix of online and in class materials and of the students’ learning progress in a computer science technology course in relation to their mode of learning (attending classes vs. taking the course online); (b) the course design and implementation – using Three-Dimension (3D) ITD Integration Model to convert the classroom curriculum into an online curriculum, and using an integrative learning theory as a framework to implement the course online, with a focus on the interplay between self-regulation and external regulation of learning processes; and (c) the course evaluation – assessing the learning outcome of both online students and classroom students with a pretest-posttest design and conducting a comparative analysis of online class and classroom class. Reflections and considerations in the course development are discussed.

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