Augmented and Virtual Reality based Training in the Field of Logistics

D. Walch (Germany)


Logistics, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Order Picking, Evaluation, Training


Only well-trained workers have the ability to deal with the requirements of flexible production and logistics systems and to ensure their operations’ high efficiency. In future, new ways of practical in-house training are needed for transferring the required knowledge to the learner without negatively impacting the productivity of running processes. Hence within the research cooperation ForLog the focus lies on the development of new virtual training environments for operational workers in the field of production and logistics. The main goals are the reduction of training periods on the one hand as well as the preparation of workers for ramp-up situations of new products or facilities on the other. A new step in educating logistics workers will be achieved by evaluating the developed training environments, such as augmented reality- and virtual reality-based order picking.

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