The Impact of WebCT on Learning: A Student's Perspective

T. Batane and S. Mafote (Botswana)


WebCT, online learning, online discussions, computer access, assessment, academic performance.


Online learning has become mainstream in many institutions of higher education. Most institutions add an online component to their education so as to enhance their students’ learning. It is important therefore to find out what the students think about the impact of this reform on their learning. This paper reports on an investigation that was done among University of Botswana students to find out their perception about the impact of WebCT on their learning and whether they thought it was worth the resources invested in it. Students in the study reported that WebCT greatly improved their learning in that it easily made available course material that they would otherwise struggle to get through searching the library or laboriously writing extensive notes in class. Students also reported that WebCT enabled them to participate in online discussions that greatly contribute to their course understanding. However, students cited lack of computer access on campus as the biggest obstacle that hinders them from fully benefiting from WebCT. Students in the study called for a wider use of WebCT in the university so that more students can benefit from it but also go through the struggle of gaining computer access to do WebCT related material

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