Lithuanian Virtual University as a Construct for Implementation of Lifelong Learning

D. Rutkauskiene, A. Targamadze, E. Butkeviciene, and G. Rutkauskas (Lithuania)


Distance learning, education policies, national collabo ration and projects, virtual university, integral DL system.


Nowadays, distance learning (DL) is run to meet important national and international needs based on economical, political, geographical and demographical conditions. It's the conditions of local and global societies that motivate utilization of DL, not only the strained economical conditions of the individual student [1]. Integral development of Lithuanian DL system is based on several integral programs and sub-programs. Lithuanian Distance Learning Network is established with the main goal - to develop and maintain Lithuanian Distance Education (DE) System and to assist in the preparation of DL courses. This is necessary in order to create better conditions for Lithuanian people in lifelong learning, as well as encourage higher education institutions to develop and apply DL. This paper analysis the situation of development of DL network, and problems of integration of this net work into different vocational training sub-networks.

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