The Complementary Roles of IMS LD and IMS QTI in Supporting Effective Web-based Formative Assessment

Y. Miao, H. Vogten, H. Martens, and R. Koper (The Netherlands)


Formative assessment, elearning technical standard, IMS LD, IMS QTI, educational process modelling, service oriented approach


Effective formative assessment can be characterized by integrating assessment and instruction, engaging both teachers and students, using various assessment methods, and providing constructive and personalized feedback. In this paper, we propose a standard-based and service oriented approach to support web-based formative assessment. We present how to develop online formative assessment by using an integrated IMS Learning Design (LD) and IMS Question and Test Interoperability (QTI) authoring tool. Moreover, we present how a formative assessment can be executed in an integrated LD and QTI run-time environment. In comparison with software development approaches, our approach can facilitate the development and execution of web-based formative assessment with characteristics leading to effectiveness.

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