Web-based Assessment and Examination System From Experiment to Practice

J. Rutkowski, K. Moscinska, and P. Jantos (Poland)


Web-based education, faculty development, e-learning


The Circuit Theory course at Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland has been recently converted into blended model and various forms of web based formative and summative assessment have been implemented [1], [2]. In the paper the development of close-ended Computer Assisted exam has been presented. The new repository has been created based on the results of previous exams. The detailed statistical analysis of the exam results has been performed with respect to students’ outcomes as well as particular questions performance. We present the results of students’ survey on web-based assessment and the comments of the staff with respect to new idea of examination. The paper enlightens the numerous advantages of Computer Assisted exam and provides some tips for teachers, especially in case of technical university courses.

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