e-Learning from the Technical University Students Point of View

A. Vališová, J. Šubrt, and P. Andres (Czech Republic)


Information education, the concept of e-learning, support of education, pedagogical research, technical language and computer cheating


The Dpt. of Engineering Pedagogy, Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies (MIAS), CTU in Prague prepares students for the profession of technical teacher in the Bachelor study program “Technical Teacher Education”. At the Dpt. of Engineering Pedagogy, we carried out an investigation focused on the students’ opinions and views on the modern teaching tools and how they perceive the concept of e-learning. For this purpose, 68 freshman students both in-class and distance form of study were asked to write an essay the goal of which was to identify the previous experience of the respondents, educational benefits, shortcomings, and to define their conception of possible future development at our department. We are interested in students’ opinions continuously, of course, so as to have very important feedback of the quality of education. Besides results that will be presented, we performed some exploratory studies recently. They were focused especially on the questionnaire survey discussing the benefits of model teaching presentation as a method of role playing, quality of videos as a teaching aid (a project called “Representative classes”) and efficiency of work with these videos in the seminars during the subject Teaching Methodology, etc. We have still been collecting valuable information that can be helpful for improving the quality of technical teacher education.

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