From e-Learning Towards u-Learning: ICT-Enabled Ubiquitous Learning and Training

G. Graschew, T.A. Roelofs, S. Rakowsky, and P.M. Schlag (Germany)


Distance Education, Distance Training, Ubiquitous Learning (u-learning), Real-time Interactivity, Collaborative Systems, Virtual Medical University, Telemedicine.


As the amount of available knowledge increases at a stunning pace and concomitantly its “half-life” shortens dramatically, lifelong learning becomes inevitable for most people. Global networks and the use of computers for educational purposes stimulate and support the development of virtual universities for e-learning. Especially real-time interactive applications can play an important role in tailored and personalised services. However, it takes more than just technology to move from pure e-learning towards the full expansion of ubiquitous access to educational services, anytime and anywhere (u learning).

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