Towards a Dynamic, Content based e-Learning Platform

T. Kristensen, Y. Lamo, K. Mughal, K.M. Tekle, and A.K. Bottu (Norway)


E-learning, dynamic presentation, presentation patterns, dynamic content management.


This paper describes the evolution undergone by e learning systems used in the western region of Norway. It explains the successes and shortcomings of earlier developed systems, recent systems in use, systems under development and sights out future expected directions of research. In early systems such as “Gudmundstad” and “Reidar” the technology used was new. The major functionality of the systems was well developed. However, the shortcomings of these systems were due to the lack of flexibility. In today’s commercial systems, like for instance “It’s learning”, the technology has been developed much further and is more sophisticated in all aspects compared to its for-runners. These systems are used all over the world today, but the lack of flexibility is still a major problem. In this paper we are focusing on two specific systems, DPG and DCM which are more flexible than the commercial systems of today. They are also structured on more sound didactical principles.

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