Living the Free/Open Source Software Development Process in the Classroom: An Experience with RUP

K. Domínguez, A. Grimán, L.E. Mendoza, and M. Pérez (Venezuela)


Free/Open Source Software, Teaching Experience, RUP.


Despite the advances in software engineering, the development of information systems (IS) is still a difficult task; even more difficult is to develop the needed skills in an academic environment (a classroom). This is partly because it is not always possible to simulate real situations in the classroom. This article presents the lessons learned from the experience of teaching IS to computer engineering students at the Universidad Simón Bolívar in Venezuela. The teaching venture used a development process based on free/open source software, with the innovative use of collaborative and free tools and under the methodological guidelines of RUP. As a result we have developed 4 case studies for the college community; each one obtained high levels of satisfaction from users and provided students with not only the knowledge, but also with the practical experience in regards with IS development learning.

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