A Web Enhanced Calling-the-Roll Support System

C. Zeng (Japan)


Computer-assisted instruction, Call the roll, Web-based ed ucation support, CGI


This paper presents the development of a system which supports teacher to manage his/her students’ studying in formation including records of attendance for every student and their examination results. For teacher, in order to grasp every student’s studying situation, calling the roll is an old but important means to help achieve the purpose. In our system teacher’s activity of calling the roll is strongly sup ported by adding some multimedia data such as student’s face photo to be shown in the process of calling the roll. The system manages attendance data up to now and shows statistics compiled from the data to teacher’s window when a new calling the roll is under execution. The digitized records of student’s attendance can be easily and rapidly shared with the college administration office and related teachers and then timely measures can be taken to deal with the student’s studying troubles.

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